Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Faerieland, Moodscapes & Other Enchanting Photography from Ashley Lebedev

The Enchanting Photography of Ashley Lebedev

Based in the creative city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, photographer Ashley Lebedev does amazing portraits, landscapes and images that derive from, or are inspired by nature caught in another time long ago. A Grimm Brother's fairy tale.

The images are enchanting, innocent, mystical and will draw you in.  In a total online random moment, I first came across Ashley's work when I landed on the Facebook page for Alexandra Parker, new wife of Napster founder and Facebook President, Sean Parker, as I was caught in a moment viewing images of their enchanated performance art wedding in a Tolkien-esque, old growth forest.  On her Facebook page, of other stand-out photography, Alexandria gives a photo credit to Ashley Lebedev and her web site.
Lebedev's photography is worthy of national museum exhibits, if it hasn't already been exhibiting as such yet.

See more of Ashley Lebedev's work, known as Bottle Bell Photography at:


All Images © Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™ - New Faerieland! 



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