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Entertaining Outdoors: Throw a Winter Party


The Unforgettable Winter Theme Party

Hosting a winter party in colder or snowy outdoor temps has it's challenges, but can be a fun and forgettable event your guests will enjoy.  Read on for more winter party ideas...

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Hosting the winter party is a great way to hold a community gathering too. Just be sure to ask your guests to dress warm with extra layers, hat, scarf and gloves to ensure comfort for several hours outside in a wintry landscape.

Your central guest element is a warm bonfire and ensuring you're adding wood to keep it burning for the duration of your event. Place chairs with pillows and blankets that guests can wrap them selves in at the fire.

If you've got a marquee, (synthetic or fabric cover supported by poles), gazebo or covered outdoor kitchen, you'll have a covered area to place a few tables to hold food and drink.

Outdoor entertaining tables can be as easy as getting two hardware store saw horses holding a plywood sheet hidden with a jazzy tablecloth.  Add or hang torches, hurricane lamps and strings of lights to create a warm ambiance as the evening night settles in.

For a touch of wintery decor, place antique sleds, skis or snowshoes around -they might even get used!

Serve cold drinks in buckets filled with snow.

Have warm drinks available at all times, such as Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate in coffee warmers and allow guests to add flavored marshmallows or alcohol if needed. Providing a hot cocoa bar with cocoas, toppers, whip cream and cookies makes an awesome area to converse and have fun mixing drinks at any age.

Gourmet dogs or sausages can be provided for guest to grill over the fire with buns to heat at the fire's edge. A tray of mustard's, sauces and relishes set out for guests to dress up their dogs or sausages is perfect.

Provide food warmers or iron pots with easy to eat wintery food: fondues, chili; baked beans with crusty french bread covered with napkins in baskets.  Pies of any kind are always a favorite wintery desert.

And don't forget the s'mores tray, arranging grahams, various marshmallows, and varied chocolates to let your guests toast over the fire in celebration of winter.

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