Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Visit to Roger's Gardens, Corona Del Mar

The Classic Grounds of Roger's Gardens, Corona Del Mar, CA

I have made two trip to Roger's Gardens within the last year, and was in heaven each time.  This is the type of destination store I would like to do with the Land & Garden business, once I have more financing.  Of course, Roger's Garden's is located within the customer demographic of Newport Beach, where the sun is usually shining warm and the average home price was listed as around $1.2 million - in one article I read.  And, location, location: it's right against a huge, major shopping mall, Fashion Show Mall.  So, you can't go wrong with this sort of traffic into your store, can you?  In fact, I think you can only succeed.

Having grown up in the Northwest and worked at various nurseries around the Seattle area, as well as operating a landscape design business there when I was in my twenties; I am quite familiar with awesome destination nursery and garden stores of the Northwest.  I loved just about every one I went to, and Swanson's Nursery was the most inspiring!  But I have to admit, Roger's Gardens tops the cake.  I've seen nothing like it.  Especially with it's grand Christmas displays.  There are about four rooms of Christmas display -the gold room, the silver room, the red and green room and the white room.  

Year round, the gardens have landscaped areas to stop by and meander through, as well as little store areas such as the orchid room, the book area, the cooking interest area, the outdoor furniture section, etc.  It's like a department store for gardens and outdoor living, which is exactly how I had visioned my online retail store of Land & Garden, when I launched less than a year ago, not having seen nor known about Roger's.

Either case, below, I offer some of the pictures I took while meandering the grounds of Roger's.  Please, if there are any volunteers out there, let's partner and create a Land & Garden destination store in Northern California!  Crickets.  Humm, well, I will keep planning and dreaming in the meantime!

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Beautiful Hellebores Specimen in Bloom!

Rainbow Foliage of -is this a Banana Plant?

 Beautiful Barrel Cactus and Agave in the Gardens

Must Have!  Golden Glazed Tall Ceramic Planters

Beauty Flower in Bloom Shot

Various Garden Vignettes Keep You Wandering.

Orchids close up, in the giant orchid room.

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