Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lake Tahoe Landscape Snapshots Summer 2013

A Few Beautiful Snapshots from Lake Tahoe!

I recently moved my business, Land & Garden ®, to Lake Tahoe, California.  I thought to share with you some of my most recent pictures taken with my phone camera.  The images are from my outings by the lake and in the adjacent mountains while mountain biking or hiking.  The skies are so blue, the air so clean.  The people are so friendly -I'm sure happy simply because of living in such a beautiful location.  It would be great to open a store here someday....dream, dream.  

But the feeling here at Tahoe is like being on top of the world.  Not only due to the high altitude of almost 7000 feet.  I'm sure that's why the native American tribes called it the "Lake of the Sky".  

Who knows how long I'll stay, but it sure is beautiful!  Enjoy the pictures!  

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