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Tips for Easy Entertaining & Dining Outdoors

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 Need ideas for creating an entertaining or dining area for you, your family and/or your guests?  We've got 10 tips to help you put together an inviting and ambient space that takes you from day to night, in comfort and style.

1. Placing comfortable cushions on chairs and lounging areas encourages guests to stay and relax.  Add a few blankets to keeps guest cozy as the night wears on.  Choose from a great selection of outdoor rugs at Land & Garden to frame your outdoor seating areas.

2.  After dusk, a patio party begs for string lights overhead or around, and most string lights can be placed to provide just the magical outdoor-d├ęcor ticket.

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3. Identify areas to group seating arrangements while grouping garden containers in adjoining nearby spaces to fill the corners. This also applies to even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

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4. Fire ambiance is always key for outdoor entertaining. The size of your space may determine the type of small to big firey accents you use. At Land & Garden, choose from sleeved candles to hurricane lamps, tabletop gel fire containers to stand alone or garden stake torches, to chimineas and fire pits.   And never leave an open flame unattended.

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5.  Entertaining outdoors can go from simple to elaborate -but the easiest of get togethers can be in the form of potlucks, where guests bring a dish and come to your setting

6. An eclectic mix of dishes and tableware creates a casual, low fuss setting. Using brown craft paper rolls placed across tables allows for easy clean up and a finished look. Don't have enough chairs? Bring your indoor chairs outside for the night.

7. Place a dining area under an umbrella or hang outdoor curtains above using a suspended rod, rope or wire.  Not only will you have shade but it will frame your outdoor dining space.

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8. Pack a picnic basket or backpack with wine, coffee, blankets, bug repellant, lighting, easy tableware and a simple meal. Then go seek and place yourself in a beautiful park, the countryside or forest lands to dine in, for an unforgettable experience.  And don't' forget your camera.
9. Unbreakable wine and beverage glasses are great for entertaining outdoors and keeps you from worrying about glasses getting broken. Disposable dishware makes sense -especially if you can recycle it.  Check out our biodegradable bamboo tableware -available at Land & Garden.

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10. Set food and beverage tables in separate areas, drinks in one spot, desserts in another, to encourage guests to roam in your indoor to outdoor areas. Provide ambient lighting to light the way...and music that your guests can talk over, using wireless outdoor speakers from Land & Garden.

Be sure to check out Land & Garden on Pinterest for inspiring ideas on entertaining al fresco  

A mix of simple elements creates the comfortable outdoor space~

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