Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adding Gazing Balls and Spheres To Your Garden

Yellow desert blossoms in bloom paired with the iridescent yellow, hand-blown glass spirit ball available at Land & Garden.

Gazing balls and ornamental spheres add a great visual focal point to any size of garden. Whether you have a small patio, deck or large landscape, garden gazing balls and reflective, glass or any sort of sphere adds an amazing presence to the garden. Types of balls or sphere can vary in material from glass, metal, iron, wood, wire, cement, resin and more. Sizes could range from four inches to four feet. Glass gazing balls and spheres should be placed in an area with less traffic -including dogs. Gazing balls create a nice focal point when placed on a gazing ball stand made of wood, resin, cement, steel or forged iron. Situate your gazing ball in the middle or a garden area to create visual interest.

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