Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kid's Activity Project: Build A Terrarium!


Need a fun kid's activity project?  Build a terrarium with the Moss Terrarium Kit and other fine products from Land & Garden. 


Get the Moss Terrarium Kit at Land & Garden.

Your moss terrarium kit arrives in a frosted gift box and contains: Mood Moss, two types of Reindeer Lichen, two varieties of Sphagnum Moss, two varieties of Sheet Moss, two forest lichen varieties and two pumice stones from Mt. Shasta, CA about 2.5 inches in size. Enough material for up to three terrariums. You design your terrarium the way you want (dirt & pebble base layer not included). Mist the moss daily and keep in filtered light.  Makes a unique gift for young or old gardeners; plant lovers or enthusiasts.

$29.00 Available Now at Land & Garden


You can create beautiful and fun moss terrariums allowing your kids to appreciate nature while diving into a fun creative project they can make all on their own.  

Let the kids proudly take on the responsibility of misting these adorable tabletop plant worlds.

All you need is: one large or, up to three small-to-medium glass terrarium containers, clean planting soil, aquarium charcoal (carbon), one or more small live plants such as ferns or air plants, and lastly, the Moss Terrarium Kit from Land & Garden.

Next, once you find your glass terrarium containers and supplies, spread your items out on your dining table and let the kids begin thier projects!

1. The Base Layer: spread a thin layer of pebbles or carbon layer base 1/4" to 1/2" thick. 

2. Soil Layer: Cover the base layer with 1 inch deep or more of organic planting soil. If you are planting small plants, make sure the soil layer is as deep as the root ball of the plant.

3. Moss Layer: Design your terrain inside: add your plant(s), the various mosses, sheet mosses and accessories on top of the soil layer.  Use a fork to move and place the moss around. A narrow paintbrush is great for swiping soil off the leaves of plants.

5. Arrange: Add small fun statues, toys, colored glass chunks or seashells add focal interest.

4. Water: Water VERY lightly initially.

5. Misting: Then mist regularly.

Get more terrarium ideas on YouTube.

Please send us pictures of your terrarium project and we'll post it to our blog!

Thank you to photographer Eddie Vida for contributing these great photos!

Get your Moss Terrarium Kit and other terrarium making products from Land & Garden!

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