Saturday, November 17, 2012

Attracting Birds, Butterfiles & Wildlife to Your Garden

Go deluxe! The Ultimate Martin Bird House from Good Directions, available at Land & Garden.
Follow these tips for attracting birds, butterflies 
and other fauna to your garden or property.

1. Provide Water

Solar Kensington Gardens Fountain
Adding the simplest water basin to your patio or deck allows birds and hummingbirds -even your pets, access to water.  Bird baths are another obvious solution for keeping your feathered friends around.

Keep water containers or baths filled with fresh water at all times during all seasons of the year.  In the coldest of climates there are heated bird baths, which will soon be available at Land & Garden. Splashing water from water fountains attracts birds and butterflies as well.

Ceramic Bird Feeder from Perch!

2. Provide Food

By adding lots of annual or perennial flowers to your garden, they alone will provide food for birds and butterflies.  Bird seed offered year round in bird feeders always keeps them coming back.

If you have a property where chickens are permitted, having hens -if you so desire the homesteading life, creates a huge increase in other bird wildlife.

3. Provide Shelter

The Beehive Bird House

Providing shelter can come by way of an ivy covered tree, by installing bird houses on posts in the garden -a distance away from human or pet garden activity.  

You can also provide shelter by planting more trees on your property, creating sheltered spaces by adding vines to trellises or arbors, and by allowing shrubs to grow large and tall.

4. Add Red-Colored Flowers and Foliage

Glass Floats Add Decor to Water
Depending on your growing conditions and climate, the biggest attractors of birds and butterflies are fuchsia plants, butterfly bushes, red zinnias and deep pink morning glories.

Other floral attractions include African marigolds, petunias, sunflowers, tickseed, ornamental grasses, goldenrod, foxglove, nicotia, gladiolas, latana, red salvia, and easy-to-grow Cosmos.

5. Add Colorful Garden Decor

Made In USA Wooden Whirleygig

Hummingbirds are immediately attracted to shades of reds and deeps pinks. By adding colorful garden decor and ornament to your outdoor space, wildlife often finds interest in it.  

Whether it's a rotating whirleygig, a garden statue, or hanging string lights which add a minor touch of warmer temperatures at night. Color draws the birds in, and from there they'll see you also offer food, water and shelter.

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